25 December 2008

Christmas Cards

I decided to make a couple Christmas cards myself this year; one for my uncle Ed and one for my Grandma. It was a nice opportunity to try and get a paper cut-out style in Photoshop and look at some cool Golden Book illustration to inspire me.

This one was for my Uncle. I wasn't expecting the lettering to take as long to paint as the rest of the image, but it did. I also looked at some 50's art blogs and John K for inspiration on this.

And the rough lay-in done in Sketchbook:

And this one was for my Grandma. I wanted this scene to be a bit friendlier.

I couldn't decide if I wanted to make the lighting more consistent, or cheat it to make the colors bright. This is how it would look if I stayed more true to the light source (back lit). It makes the bag o' toys eaiser to differentiate but adds more complexity to the picture overall...

DS Paintings

Just for fun! My girlfriend got me a DS loader cartridge thing for my birthday, so I installed Colors on it. Here's a couple paintings I did at my Dad's house this week.