30 September 2008

Gnome Invasion

Apparently, I've decided that this is what it would look like if Gnomes invaded my home. That was a prompt for an environment assignment in Viz Dev class, and I was certain that my cat would cause trouble for these poor creatures. In fact, I figured they may have heard about a "horrible monster" dwelling in my home from some of the local rodents, and felt it was their solemn duty to take a stand against it.

28 September 2008

Figure Paintings - Post 1

So I'm in my first-ever figure painting class. Whenever I say "figure painting," it sounds like I'm saying "finger painting." I think it's because my sinus is always congested. In any case, we finally started painting in color this week, so I thought it was time to post.

Color: A little under 60min each

Monochrome: 45-60 minutes.

For the first three weeks, we were restricted to India Ink and acrylic gesso, which explains the image on the bottom right. It's also done on plain paper, where the other 3 are on canvas paper with oils.

I'm really trying to focus on modeling forms, simplification, and hitting color/value. So basically, I'm trying to focus on everything. I'm just trying not to noodle or get stuck in details anywhere.

15 September 2008

Cintiq Practice

So, this is one of the first drawings I made with my new Cintiq 12wx. It's about a month old now, but I rediscovered it and decided to post. It's Liz, watching TV!