13 June 2010

Cannery Row Characters

I haven't touched these in a few months, but I haven't posted them either. These characters are meant to go in my Cannery Row environments, based on the Steinbeck book. From left to right is Mack, Lee Chong, Doc, and a local girl for Doc's love interest. I definitely need someone to pose for me so I can make some corrections to her.

Below is a quick test of Mack in Lee Chong's grocery store.

Shades Continued

I've been tied up with a work project, but this project goes on as well. I've been thumbnailing environment ideas, and expanding the shade thumbs into full monsters. When I have more of the moments somewhat clear I'll explain the story. The kitty is still in the WIP state. He's not a shade, but he lives in the same world.

Electroknight - Expanded

So I extended this into a more interesting poster (I hope). I used a lot of rough lasso shapes and loose brush strokes. Pretty fun.

22 March 2010


I borrowed my Uncle's copy of "Mortal Engines," by Stanislaw Lem, and this is a sketch from the first short story. I may make this into a full project, if I can find where I put that book...

13 February 2010

Shade Monsters

Here's a quick bit of something I'm working on.

15 January 2010

Fall 2009 Quick Paintings

Just the small panels I did in oil... I finally started getting more comfortable with my water-mixable oils in the top painting, which is most recent.