25 April 2009

Here is some current work (some in progress) from my most recent project at SJSU, based on John Steinbeck's book Cannery Row. The objective was to make 4 interior layouts, which I treated as animation backgrounds. I decided to try and work differently from my previous school projects, and more like the last two personal projects I did over winter break.

This is the first piece I did. I made this to test the style and mood of this world, looking at Golden Books and artists like Charles Harper for inspiration.

The next two are interiors of Doc's lab. Doc is a self-made marine biologist, and he supplies marine (and other) animals and supplies to universities and labs to make money.

The next two below are Lee Chong's grocery store. The top one is more "in progress" than the rest of the project.

11 March 2009

Society of Illustrators!!

Woo! I'm very pleased to say that one of my pieces was accepted into the Society of Illustrators Student Scholarship Competition, and I won an award! I'm very grateful for the instruction at SJSU and the generous feedback from my friends in the process.

Here's the piece in question, from my "Decameron / Leonardo World" project, entitled, "City Escape."

Depending on the color and brightness of your screen you may or may not see some of the changes made to the earlier version, or the correct palette overall. Thankfully, I made sure they showed up in the print. I also figured out what was happening on the right side of the piece and added some tightness where I thought it was needed overall. Neato!

12 January 2009

Peter Pan

I made this piece for a prompt on another blog, Creation Engines. I wanted to continue the illustrative cut-paper style I experimented with in my Christmas cards. It was a lot of fun, and it's still a new way of working for me.