21 May 2008

The Donut Shop

The interior:
The exteriors:

This is this final project in my Viz Dev class this semester. It's a donut shop set in San Francisco, in the same world as my locksmith character. I had to do both interior and exterior shots, and the exterior needed two lighting scenarios.

After some thumbnailing, I decided I was more interested in putting the shop in an unique space than designing a particular theme/gimick for the shop. I wanted to make the shop a little more believable, not something one might see in Las Vegas.

Here are the thumbs I worked from:

And here's the pencil drawings. I arrived on a new working method during this project, which in retrospect was completely obvious. I blew up the thumbs I liked, and taped them down on a pad of tracing paper. One sheet above that, I drew the perspective grid. Afterwards, I drew each level on a new sheet (foreground, middleground, background). This was EXTREMELY helpful in keeping everything clean.

Locksmith project

This character is a whimsical version of "The Locksmith" in my Viz Dev class at SJSU. The back-story: He's a jazz lover from his old days, but had to stop playing when he lost his arm in Vietnam. I tried to space out his proportions to keep his body from having "the ladder" (even) effect, and I tried to cluster the features in the face to keep the interest there, and repeated the triangle shapes in his vest/hat to frame his face. Next up I'm going to turn him and get a lot more poses out (the ones I've done thus far are pretty similar and don't work as well). He also needs to look more like a locksmith, but I don't just want to tack on props...