23 December 2012


Currently testing out tumblr. My newest work is online at:


15 October 2012

Marceline & Jake.

For fun, in honor of my favorite cartoon: Adventure Time.

05 April 2012

Ralph McQuarrie tribute art

Ralph & Yoda
My contribution to a collection of artwork on display at the Lucasfilm campus in San Francisco to honor Ralph McQuarrie's passing away this year.  His imagination gave credibility to a fantastic universe and he really inspired me as a kid.

13 March 2011

Charity Fundraising Art

To raise money for a charity event this year, I asked a couple co-worker friends to join me and make a few illustrations which our team could give out as thank-you items for donations we collected and gave to AEF / BCEF. AEF / BCEF is a San-Francisco based non-profit which helps low-income people afflicted with AIDS or breast cancer stay on their feet while they're undergoing treatment.

Thanks in large part to those friends the fundraiser went really well.

These are the illustrations I came up with:

Edit: I'm not quite sure why but clicking the images won't link to the larger versions. Clicking the titles underneath each image should work.

13 June 2010

Cannery Row Characters

I haven't touched these in a few months, but I haven't posted them either. These characters are meant to go in my Cannery Row environments, based on the Steinbeck book. From left to right is Mack, Lee Chong, Doc, and a local girl for Doc's love interest. I definitely need someone to pose for me so I can make some corrections to her.

Below is a quick test of Mack in Lee Chong's grocery store.

Shades Continued

I've been tied up with a work project, but this project goes on as well. I've been thumbnailing environment ideas, and expanding the shade thumbs into full monsters. When I have more of the moments somewhat clear I'll explain the story. The kitty is still in the WIP state. He's not a shade, but he lives in the same world.

Electroknight - Expanded

So I extended this into a more interesting poster (I hope). I used a lot of rough lasso shapes and loose brush strokes. Pretty fun.